About me

I find joy in simple things. I love the sound of my kids playing (nicely) together. Sunday dinner. Chubby cheeks. I like getting hugged so tight, it almost hurts. I love beautiful light. **sigh** A juicy ripe tomato in my garden will put a huge smile on my face. I love to make people laugh. I believe in being kind. I always try to see the good in things, even the little ones and especially the less obvious. I consider it a challenge to make a grumpy cashier smile at the supermarket and I always say thank you to the toll booth peeps. When you really think about it, there is humor in just about everything if you allow yourself to see it. I aim to leave a positive mark from where I just was…leave more than I took. That’s me.



I suppose that is why I love photography so much. Connect with people, have some fun and make photographs that tell their story… their unique, intimate and authentic story sprinkled with my goofy, sometimes warped sense of humor.

I am driven to help people feel relaxed and comfortable because existing in photographs with your children is important. These moments can be re-visited whenever you want. When they are being passed around the table and shared….it is how we remember together and pass those memories down to other generations. I love the idea of leaving a mark in a family and I respect the importance of what I do and the gift that was given to me.


Photography has always been something I loved to do, but I knew deep down that there was more I had to explore. I decided to dig in and “really” learn how to use my camera about a year and a half ago. I poured myself into trying to learn how to make a proper exposure. That part did not come as naturally as making a pretty picture, but I have plugged away at it driven with a passion that I have never experienced. I learned a bit about light and how I am able to sculpt my story with it…it’s really cool. There is always so much to learn, and that is part of what is exciting. Photography for me is a spectacular journey.

I am so seriously in love with what I do…everything about it. I am very grateful for the gift for seeing things in a different way and being able to communicate that through my photographs. ¬†Every piece of me goes into my photographs.